stacking without including reference frame

I am having trouble stacking without including my reference frame in the stack. I am trying to use one frame from my HA sequence as the reference in my S2 and O3 sequences. I include the HA frame in the other sequences and select it as the reference frame. I have tried a couple ways to exclude the frame from the actual stack. I deselect it in the frame list or I exclude it from the Plot. Is it not possible to stack without including the reference frame? I don’t want HA data in my S2 and O3 stacks.

Hi, the reference image is used as a reference both for the framing during registration and the image levels during normalization. It cannot be excluded from stacking with the current code because it’s loaded for normalization like other images, unless you deactivate normalization possibly…

It is possible to change the reference by the way.

So what is the recommended way to align three narrowband stacks? Do I pull them into RGB Compositing and do it there?

currently the RGB compositing tool does only manages translations between the images, if you don’t have rotation you can, otherwise you’ll have to create a sequence from your files and register them as a sequence then use the rotated images for colour compositing.

Hi. SiriL is ridiculously powerful. What I do to RGB composite is to take each image into a new sequence and register them, then I do the RGB compositing with the registered images. In the same way, you can register all your images according to a reference frame, and then create a new sequence from the registered frames excluding the reference.