State of Libre Graphics 2020


The Libre Graphics Meeting 2020 is happening at the end of May in Rennes!

The Libre Graphics Meeting 2020

As usual, the first conference will be the State of Libre Graphics, where we will give an overview of what has happened during the last year in the world of Libre Graphics.

You’re very welcome to submit three slides for your project. They will be presented by the moderator of the “State of Libre Graphics”.
Instructions for submitting the slides can be found in the Github repository that will contain all slides:

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to open a ticket in the same repository:

And, of course, you’re very welcome to join us in Rennes!


@patdavid, @paperdigits - PIXLS.US
@Carmelo_DrRaw - Photo Flow, lots of packaging
@Morgan_Hardwood - RawTherapee
@aurelienpierre, @houz, @hanatos, @rawfiner - darktable
@David_Tschumperle - G’MIC
@lock042, @vinvin - siril
@agriggio - ART

(This list is off the top of my head for now… Sorry if I missed anyone)

Please, could you add @vinvin for Siril ? :slight_smile: