StdA dcp profile without tungstene bulb

Hello everyone, first big thanks for this awesome tool like Rawtherapee!

So i ve buy the Spyderchekr color chart (48) and for make a dual illuminant we need to take a target with a sunny day at Zenith time, and withe a tungsten bulb. But tungsten bulb are no longer manufactured since 2012 in Europe. Im looking for it on ebay but no answer by the seller for the moment.
What kind of bulb can we use for replace the tungstene light please?


They are still produced for special use cases. For example search for Glühlampe stoßfest.

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Im looking for it ty!

I’m looking into The Right Approach to using something other than an incandescent tungsten lightbulb for a general-purpose dual-illuminant profile. I suppose such a profile can be generated as long as one accurately describes the illuminant. Solux halogen 3500K lightbulbs seem to be adequate.

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These? sounds good! what do you think?

I would go for the real ones, like here:

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Disponible aussi en France, chez - mais assez chere

merci :wink:
I just bought one on ebay, it exploded as the instant I plugged it in…


Please accept my apologies. I gave you bad information about the tungsten incandescent bulb.
I bought the same bulb in UK but I have just tested it now after reading your comment and it has blown out also.
This bulb will only accept 50V input, but the domestic power in France and UK is 240V.
So the filament melts as soon as it is switched on.
Morgan Hardwood has suggested the Solux Halogen 3500K and I believe he is correct in this.
I will try and find a UK retailer for it.and I am sure you will find a retailer in France or Germany
Bear in mind that the Solux is a high efficiency bulb and requires </= 16V supply

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Destroyed 2 rather irreplaceable pieces of hardware that way when I was a child. After that I lugged around a dead weight transformer in case I needed it. :sweat_smile:

I could help with generating the DCP profiles, since the SpyderCheckr software will only output a ICC profile. There are no presets for the SpyderCheckr 48 in Argyll, so I generated .cie and .cht files accordingly. Would gladly share to save you the effort.

@nuki are you sure? I use SpyderChecker.cht and cc24_ref-new.cie for this
daylightP-diag.tif (44.9 MB)

fix: i ve some message error with this and i ve just try SpyderChecker.cie unstead the cc24_ref-new.cie.

scanin -v -dipn tungsten_GR3.tif /usr/share/color/argyll/ref/SpyderChecker.cht /usr/share/color/argyll/ref/SpyderChecker.cie tungsten_GR3-diag.tif

it seem working but i ve used a 2600K halogen bulb and a HSL correction is needed. I am waiting for a right lightbulb now :wink:

It should work, since the SpyderCheckr 24 is just the right half of the 48. If you use the included cht and cie for the 24 on the 48 the dcp profile will only be based on half the reference values available though.
Would be interesting how much of a difference that makes in reality. Heres the cie and cht files i generated for the 48 if you want to give it a try. (1.7 KB)

ty for the files!


This is what I found on a search in
Philips 40W 240V ES/E27 A55 GLS Dimmable Incandescent Light Bulb
Retailer website is

However. the specification of this bulb shows the Colour Temp = 2700K. Do you think it matters that this does not meet the 2850K temp recommended in Dcamprof?
After much searching I have never found a 2850K equivalent.