StdA dcp profile without tungstene bulb

Hello everyone, first big thanks for this awesome tool like Rawtherapee!

So i ve buy the Spyderchekr color chart (48) and for make a dual illuminant we need to take a target with a sunny day at Zenith time, and withe a tungsten bulb. But tungsten bulb are no longer manufactured since 2012 in Europe. Im looking for it on ebay but no answer by the seller for the moment.
What kind of bulb can we use for replace the tungstene light please?


They are still produced for special use cases. For example search for Glühlampe stoßfest.

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Im looking for it ty!

I’m looking into The Right Approach to using something other than an incandescent tungsten lightbulb for a general-purpose dual-illuminant profile. I suppose such a profile can be generated as long as one accurately describes the illuminant. Solux halogen 3500K lightbulbs seem to be adequate.

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These? sounds good! what do you think?

I would go for the real ones, like here:

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