Stirling Heads Gallery

We took my daughter to Stirling Castle yesterday. I took this in the Stirling Heads gallery, it was a tricky shot in low light (no flash allowed), through glass and with multiple sources of light of different colours.

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_CTW0897.NEF (53.1 MB)
_CTW0897.NEF.xmp (17.5 KB)


My version…

_CTW0897.NEF.xmp (45.8 KB)

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Tricky for the photographer and tricky to process!
Two attempts in GIMP. I scaled the image initially to speed up the experimentation. Perspective adjustment (guessed!), cropped and a contrast mask which was modified with Curves.

The previous result was modified with luminosity masks and the background partially desaturated.

sigh, that’s a hard one. I tried for a while to get a pleasant look, just using darrktable. But I gave up and decided to leave the fields of what I would define as “Play Raw”.
Here is the result after GIMP came in:

before GIMP it looked like that - the background looked in my opinion far too irritating:

_CTW0897.NEF.xmp (38.1 KB)