Stitching a flat panorama

At work, I was asked to take a photo of a large painting for a brochure that was being created. The painting is 30ft wide by 10ft tall and the hallway in which it is located is 8ft wide. I placed the 2 back legs of the tripod on a grout line between rows of tiles and lined the camera up so that it is perpendicular to the painting. I took 25 photos and after each one, I moved the tripod, keeping the back “feet” on the grout line, 1ft to the right (I started at the left end).

Unlike a “normal” panorama where the camera rotates to capture the subject, in this case, the final image should have been stitched together with no curvature or distortion correction, there shouldn’t be either. However, if it is possible to get Hugin to stich it like this, I haven’t been successful, the setup of the options eludes me. The ends of the painting are either curved or angled, neither is correct.

Is it possible to do this in Hugin?

It should be possible and I think you need to play with the “projection” setting, the default is for a piano that is rotated on a panorama head. I’m not at my computer, but one of those projections should land you where you want.