Stitching historical negatives with Hugin

Panorama of the Jasper, Alberta about 1940. My father shot with a 5x7 camera from on top of a train at different locations along the tracks. Most shots were single, then he’d move. From this location, however, he shot two 5x7 negatives, one pointed left and the other more to the right, but overlapping. I didn’t know if they would align well enough for stitching, but I scanned them with a DSLR, processed them in RawTherapee, stitched them in Hugin and touched up in Gimp. Hugin stitched perfectly.


Wow, that’s a fantastic shot, and a great job stitching.

Is that guy on the far right driving Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? :slight_smile:

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Currently, it looks like this, from roughly the same location:
A lot of similarities still, but the totem pole seems to have been replaced with a different one.

You’re right, the original totem pole was returned to the Haida Gwaii.

Hugin had no problem stitching it first try.