storage options - automatically show image size

I would like some information to be automatically inserted into the file name when exporting photos.
I would like some information to be automatically inserted into the file name when exporting photos
This works almost perfectly.
There are only problems with one point:
How can I display the size of the exported image?

Here are my last attempt

Generative file name and export module settings in Darktable

This part of the file name is OK:

$(FILE_FOLDER)/darktable_exported/$(FILE_NAME)id $(ID) Ver: $(VERSION)  $(VERSION.NAME) ---ORIGINAL--- 

Here is my problem:
Setting in the export module


The following is displayed in the file name:
Sensor: 5600x3728
RAW: 5600x3728
Crop: 0x0
Max: 500x65535
Only the first value of Max: $(WIDTH.MAX) is correct at 500
Is it possible to also display the image height of the exported file?

I assume the function takes the values from the Export settings, so you setting an 0 for height = unlimited it will take the max possible value. Have you tried to define both width and height?

Sorry - a misttake …

The tag
Export:(WIDTH.EXPORT)x(HEIGHT.EXPORT) should take the calculated values after resize of the image. But (WIDTH.MAX) and (HEIGHT.MAX) takes values from the settings, so putting a 0 in setting will produce 65535 (max side length for JPEG).
But still don’t answer why you don’t get values from the $(HEIGHT/WIDTH.EXPORT).

If I use the string:
(FILENAME-(WIDTH.EXPORT)-$(HEIGHT.EXPORT) I get a file like _DSC5614-2500-1665.jpg
with set size 2500 x 0

Ok, here is a test:

  1. Setting the image size in Lighttable

  2. Image 1 with the following string:

$(FILE_FOLDER)/darktable_exported/$(FILE_NAME) Max: $(WIDTH.MAX)x$(HEIGHT.MAX)

And now the exported image:

  1. Image 2 with all size variables
    The string:

Open a feature request / bug report on github.

Hallo kofa!
Where can I find the bug report for darktable? Can you please send me the internet address for it?

You should be able to find that link on the darktable website.

I’ve found it. Thank you

I found the solution!

The problem was due to old installation files!

I had reinstalled Darktable several times. So far I have used the following cleaners to delete installation remnants: Bleachbit, Flatsweep, sudo apt clean, sudo apt autoremove.

Yesterday I discovered that not all installation files had been deleted!
I was only able to delete the leftovers using “sudo rm -r”.

Then I installed Darktable again
And: (WIDTH.EXPORT)x(HEIGHT.EXPORT) works perfectly!

Filename: IMG_20231218_154855 Ver: 4 | 844x1176 |.jpg

Thank you very much for the information and tips.