Stormy Day as a wall print

Here’s my take on it, in ART

DSC_8579.NEF.arp (21.8 KB)

My usual approach which included (among other things):

  • Slight tonal gradients on both the water and sky to bring back a little more contrast.

  • Slight fine local contrast through a gradient mask on the water foreground

  • Slight coarse local contrast through a gradient mask on the sky to puff up the clouds a bit

  • Subtle ‘bluing’, darkening and desaturation of the water near the horizon, through a gradient mask

  • Subtle bump of tone and saturation on the foreground wave highlights only through a gradient mask

  • RL deconvolution sharpening with the threshold turned up so mostly only the sailboats were affected

My goal was to give as much depth as possible.

Fun to play with!


Do you mean something like this?

DSC_8579.NEF.xmp (13.8 KB)

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DSC_8579.NEF.xmp (14.5 KB)

Same here…

DSC_8579_01.NEF.xmp (15.5 KB)


I thought this worked quite well… :smiley:
DSC_8579.NEF.xmp (8.1 KB)


DSC_8579.NEF.xmp (30.7 KB)

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It’s interesting how different the waves and the sky behave when editing. There’s a balance to be struck between their brightnesses, and their internal contrasts.

Also note how the left side gets a tad darker, especially in the sky. And how the water loses a bit specularity towards the right edge.

Thanks for your image. My attempt with DT 4.4.2

Tried different things. With such a strong green sea - it needs an equally strong sky… I just couldn’t get the sky looking natural with a strong blue.

DSC_8579.NEF.xmp (19.3 KB)

Not surprising, I don’t think that sky was a very strong blue to begin with. It feels like fairly typical weather for the region.

DSC_8579.NEF.xmp (37.1 KB)

DSC_8579_01.NEF.xmp (15.6 KB)

I wasn’t having any success… So I thought, why not have no success but at least have some fun :smiley:

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If memory serves, it was a rather hazy day. Blisteringly hot, too.

Great pic. I went for something painterly.

dt 4.4.2
stormy-day-DSC_8579.NEF.xmp (23.1 KB)


I love your rendering! Amazing!

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G’MIC’s dehaze and Filter Factory’s Inkrubber (User Filter; like Inkrubber for how it handles greens and blues; use it a lot in my fake IRs). :slight_smile:

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As mentioned in the initial post, the point of this picture was to have a wall print. Well, here it is:

I think it actually turned out really well. It catches the eye, without being distracting. The water looks satisfyingly wet, for lack of a better word, and the sky draws you in, but doesn’t overwhelm.

I had it printed with Whitewall in Germany. They were not the fastest, compared to other labs. I had beforehand ordered a sampler set of the various materials they have on offer, and a small test print to check the color reproduction. This was extremely useful, as the test print was not at all satisfactory; the difference between a screen rendition and the print were too great to anticipate. But with appropriate adjustments, the final print looks very good!

Quality is only OK. This was somewhat anticipated, and specifically the reason for choosing canvas over less forgiving materials. But the original image wasn’t perfectly sharp to begin with, and noticeably soft on the right edge in particular. Lightroom’s AI upscaling helped some, as did judicious sharpening in darktable. But if you look closely, you can tell. (But you don’t notice that at normal viewing distances).

Very satisfying, overall.


DSC_8579-1.jpg.out.pp3 (14,5 KB)

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DSC_8579.NEF.xmp (14.9 KB)


RT 5.10-rc1
Got the colors where I wanted them but botched the details in the clouds

DSC_8579.jpg.out.pp3 (16.1 KB)

Lovely photo. My play in GIMP.
I felt that the second yacht on the right created two centres of the picture, so I cropped it out and also made it a slightly more panoramic aspect. Other than that just small local adjustments to contrast and saturation.

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