strange circles

I’m cleaning my HD and I have found this picture.

As you can see, there are some circles that are concentric with the entrance of the castle.

does anyone know why this effect appear? I can share the raw file to see that the circles are there when capturing.

Is this the only picture (taken with the same camera) that shows this effect?

I saw similar stuff, that time it was in-camera correction (distortion etc) glitching in some way

I’ve 5 photos with the same effect. Taken in the same place.
no other pictures there

But it appears in the RAW picture .

Looks like lens-flare to me; Light bouncing of multiple inner housing ridges producing nice round arcs/flares.

You most often see this when the sun is in the shot, but looking at the shadows and your shooting angle you might have just caught some sunlight that produces this.

Bit of a bummer but it is kinda neat effect, isn’t it.

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Apparently this artwork wasn’t as “ephemeral” as originally intended…


Oh man, great way to mess up a nice medieval fortress.

I’m betting that photographers love this! /s


I didn’t know that!!! And I investigated a lot for different flares or effects to explain this!!
Really thank you!!

Maybe they are clean stripes caused by the adhesive they used on those painted aluminum deals.