strange color artifacts on RT 5.5


After Installing Rawtherapee 5.5 Im getting some strange colour artifact while processing RAW files from my Pentax K-S1.
Embaded JPG preview JPG file looks normal but if i decide to process raw a lot of colors seem clipped and out of gamut :confused:
Dunno how to extract the embaded JPG but im posting the raw file and JPG conversion from RawTherapee here

This is the result i get from the Neutral processing profile. If i try to apply something else it gets even worse.

imgp1487.pef (20.6 MB)

Happy New Years guys! :slight_smile:

[Solved] Colors out of gamut

where are the artifacts on this photo? maybe top right corner, the purple thing? the blue in the middle?
looks to me like a colour management problem. I think the colors that look strange cannot be displayed properly on your or my display. Color management increases saturation but the result is loss of detail - since the colors cannot be displayed. Well, I am not sure. Reducing the saturation of those colors in RT might help.
You know, the JPEG ist perhaps in sRGB, but the raw is not.


the blue podium, the pink jacket, i even have some examples of yellow Christmas lights. they just clip and turn magenta :confused:
Jpeg preview of the photos doesnt have those issues and i never had those issues on RT 5.4
Havent changed any settings on PC nor camera.


I have just downloaded your raw and opened it in RT as well as darktable.
I think I am right. What kind of camera is this? old? new?
I have been playing around a little in the color management settings. Apparently, there is no camera specific profile for this camera. Switching the input profile to none might solve the problem. Or you might donwload the Adobe DNG converter and get a profile form there. I think in darktable it looks much better if you switch the input profile to sRGB.
I think I understand the problem - those color are extremely out of gamut. Even with wide gamut screens they cannot be displayed properly.
Interesting though.


Quick edits:

  • Adobe camera profile
  • CA correction & defringe
  • highlight reconstruction: color propagation
  • CC curve: suppress saturated colors

I decided to leave highlights as they are, compression didn’t look good to my taste. CC curve is also a matter of taste.


Pentax K-S1
Hmm… i had no problem with out of gamut colors with RT 5.4 Everything worked just fine.
Changing input profile to none didnt really solve the issue completely.
@ jane - i managed to get about the same results as you did when fiddling with input and working profiles but those results are still way off from preview jpg


A proper camera profile alone will solve most of the problems.

I used CC-curve to cope with this problem. On the other hand, this is normal situation when you are dealing with colored spot lights and in event photography it is something that is even expected.

(Ingo Weyrich) #8

Left neutral profile, Right neutral profile + WB set to 10000


hmmm - your results seem a bit closer to what i get in camera. its just strange i never experienced those issues with 5.4.
well . ill have to do some more testings and try to get some RAW+JPG photos as i dont know how to get the jpg preview out of raw (i shot just raw on that occasion :/)

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You can use the Inspector to view the embedded jpg


hmmm… is there any way to revert the embedded jpg to how it looked when i loaded it from the camera cause ive tempered with the raw a bit and it only shows me the embedded jpg of the last edit i did in RT?

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The embedded jpg is never changed by rt. Viewing it in the inspect tab should always look the same.
To reset your edits for the raw, just right click in filebrowser on it and ‘Processing profile operations/clear’


This seems to be the issue with this photo. Ive managed to remove the strange color cast for highlights on the other ones by applying the auto matched color curve. Strangely, highlight clipping isnt showing me clipped highlights on most of the photos where its evident that those clipped and exposure compensation works oddly different than it did in 5.4.
Might be ive messed something up not even knowing it :confused:


worked like a charm.
Is there any way to export embedded Jpegs?
and is there any way to reset all settings for RT to defaults?


what is a cc-curve?

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LED lights and especially deep blues seem problematic. There are previous threads about this, suggest search the forum for “deep blue” etc.

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More than you probably want to know:


Tnx for all the replies. Ill read more about the issue as soon as i catch some free time.
Just one more qiestion - is there any way to reset all the RT settings to defaults? Cause ive messed something up trying to find a fix to my problem :slight_smile: