Strange crash when setting the "LANG" environment variable


I’m observing a very strange behavior when I try to run hugin. If my LANG environment variable is set to anything but “C”, the program crashed with a “floating-point exception”. I’m running hugin in version 2019.2.0.b690aa0334b5 compiled from source on Slackware current running KDE Plasma.

Does anyone experience a similar problem?

How to reproduce:

  • run hugin with: LANG=“de_AT.UTF-8” hugin
    you will get the floating-point exception and no other output than that

    If anyone is interested, this is a strace of the crash:
    hugin_strace.txt (112,6 KB)

  • if you run LANG=“C” hugin
    then everything works as expected

Any ideas?

If this is fromm master, I’d reported it straight to the project issue tracker.

Check that German / Austria exists on your system with the command: locale -av
It may be spelled as de_AT.utf8 you would have to check the spelling.

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@HIRAM thanks for the hint! I checked it and in slackware the UTF-8 is the canonical way to specify the locale (in fact both ways of writing are working). I’ve also checked it via locale -k charmap to see if I really have an utf8 locale activated.

@paperdigits thanks! I’ll post this as a bug report, but I’m still not sure if this is really a hugin bug or just some weird coincidence with my not so standard distribution.