Striking Composite Photos of Birds in Flight

Stumbled upon these striking composite images of birds in flight. There’s a gallery of images to flick through at the bottom of the page. In case of interest.


That’s quite impressive, thanks for sharing.

Funnily enough I saw something very similar on Petapixel - but I don’t think it was the same. I’ll have a look.

There’s a book being flogged (fair enuf), so it’s possible

Here we go… Mesmerizing Photos Reveal the Complex Flight Paths of Birds | PetaPixel

Different photographer! Now I wonder who was first…
I think the one you posted first is better.

It’s Deep Impact/Armageddon all over again.

‘The science was wrong’ - NSS

very nice, love it !
I can only imagine how many hours I’d spend doing this without algos, only masking …

They do not say much about the algorithm/software used


Some of these look like giant flying leeches…

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Uuurrrgh. :laughing: :grimacing: I hadn’t thought of that, but yeah they’re not great overall IMO.