String Art using G'MIC?

Wonder if Hough Sketch can be coaxed into creating string art like the video below (might want to mute). :slight_smile:

@David_Tschumperle has been working on this. Though, Iā€™d admit he is taking a break.

Did not know that; hope he can find the time to complete the quest and once he does, I will use it. lol

Thanks for the input, Reptorian. :slight_smile:

This vid was in my youtube feed. Still fascinated with this process. :slight_smile:

(1) String Art Portrait Timelapse | Portrait Of a Girl | Thread Art | Techno Art| String Art - YouTube

Implemented by David in HOUGH SKETCH

Hough sketch does come close and is probably the best that can be, Diego, but sort of wanting the parameter look per the video. Even so, had some re-fun with Hough sketch (been a while). :slight_smile:

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