Strong noise / high ISO values with darktable and RawTherapee

Hi, recently I edited several files with high ISO settings (usually above 4000) and I got the impression that RawTherapee is better with high ISO / strong noise than darktable (I think I am finally understanding how noise reduction / sharpening works in RT). I tried all noise reduction filters in darkable but it seems that none of them is really good with color noise. On the other hand, I think that RawTherapee’s sharpening and noise reduction filters are the best that exist. Consequently, I usually end up exporting several different versions of the same photo and combining them in GIMP, Affinity or Photoline. It is really a pity that darktable does not have a noise filter that is effective with strong noise and that RawTherapee does not support masks. It would be ideal if RawTherapee’s noise recution filter could be integrated to darktable.
Or am I missing something? Are there any special tricks/settings for darkable noise reduction?
Thanks in advance for the answers

The darktable manual recommends two instances of the profiled denoise module: one with nonlocal means and one with wavelets. One filter targets chroma noise and the other targets luma noise. I get which targets which confused.

Here is a pretty extensive article: Noise reduction in Darktable - Tomas Sobek Photography


@paperdigits Thanks! Well, the trick appears to work. Here is a comparison of the results in RT and dt, though RT is with sharpening. I think it is hard to tell which one is better. dt is probably better because you can sharpen with the help of a mask. So the rest stays the way it is.

Well I hope the screenshots will not be resized here.