Stupid question I suppose but....

(Allan Lariviere) #1

So, I downloaded Ratherapee a couple of hours ago. I was trying to follow the Getting Started page and I came across the part where one can pick the white balance color picker. So I clicked on the little icon and experimented a bit with it. Now I can’t seem to get rid of it. What do I click on to revert my mouse back to “normal”?? I tried clicking on the picker icon again, but that doesn’t seem to work. Shouldn’t there be some sort of “arrow” or “hand” icon to click on? Yeah, I know stupid right? lol


@wranglers Welcome to the forum! Don’t worry about asking questions; we are here to help and you have a genuine question. Sometimes users discover bugs along the way too. It is late where I live so I will let other people help you.


I usually hit the crosshair icon to disable the dropper mode.


…or right click on the image activates the crosshair too.

(Andrew) #5

Thanks, I didn’t know that!

(Allan Lariviere) #6

Thanks a lot. That works for me.