Style transfer soon in G'MIC


(Sebastien Guyader) #41

I just made a quick test, with default settings, interesting results, I like it a lot:

transfered to:


( #42


Color + 2D ilumination


(G'MIC staff) #43

I’ll fix that issue ASAP.

(Lyle Kroll) #44

Thanks for the preview, David. I took a crop of my avatar (old avatar) since full version didn’t finish after 25 minutes and I ran out of patience. lolol

Even this result took around 4. Still, I see promise. Style transfer is very taxing on my old PC though (so is the gaotd program I downloaded and if you use to big a target, it will crash the OS; did so 3 or 4 times when I was toying with that program; lol). Anyway, just wish there was some way to coax G’MIC to use GPUs.

For the curious, found a hatch image as a source for this result. What would be cool is for the reference art source to be allowed to be smaller than the image target. Maybe a future update will allow this. Then you can use a smaller crop of the artsource to avoid weird results (like eyes in the sky) and possibly aslo speed rendering time. I did chose 32px instead of the default 8 thinking this would also help speed up rendering time. :slight_smile:


(G'MIC staff) #45

I’ve added some new options, and fixed some bug in the Stylize filter today.
Refresh your filters to test it. Feedback appreciated :slight_smile:


It worked on Krita. So far, only tested on the tileable image I had. It looks like this.

Seem to work, and only needs a few edit on the edit while on wraparound mode. That’s using Starry Night as the main style. Hmm, this could be used to help on recovering details on small images after you enlarge it, but that would take a while.

( #47

I think that with patchmatch can do something similar to this:

( #48


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Excellent, what was the style image used ?

( #50

remove color:



I think I know where’s the weakness of the stylize filter. If you have a image that contains smooth areas with a lot more details in local areas, you’re going to get crud one way or another. Now, if you have image like the one above, it works out just fine.

Try working on this image to see what I mean by crud:

( #52

Your can add previously noise or detaller generated from the image so that onde in the details…
In this case it modify a lot the parameters to give him intensity to the fine details (finest) and that no onde in Coarsest


I’ll probably try to make it work on the sample image I just attached. The issue with the sample image is clearly the big white areas, and the smooth transition between the sky and the white areas. There’s obvious mountain contour next to the car. The rest of the areas are fine to work with.

Also, scaling down image really does wonder. The Greatest Wave is something not that great to use as a style reference image.

This is the best quick attempt I could do after a few further very fast editing on Krita


That edge isn’t there on Krita.

( #54

These problems solutions with masks for each area that one wishes to associate with the another masks area.

( #55

preview Local normalization of the picture


More tests, it seems that on large images. It took me 1 hour to process, and I have a computer that works well for CAD-related things.

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If you have read the Important note, you have been warned ! :smile:


After the one hour processing this image with sitting chair as base style, and a few edit.

I came up with this -

I can’t attach .kra file though. .kra is the Krita extension name, but I will post this image, and the color space is LAB again.


Layer 5 Group

  • Cross-Color Adjustment - Alpha by Lightness ; U shape where anything at 50 is at 0
  • A and B Channel are at the middle meaning it’s desaturated

Layer 3 Group

  • Using the original image - desaturate, and only changing the lightness channel. Lightness channel is enabled here, and other channel are ignored. 64 percent burn mode.
  • Chroma Boost via S Shape on the A, and B Channel.

( #59

Using the background style.
I have to generate a flow between frames

(G'MIC staff) #60

I’d be interested by suggestions for more pre-defined styles to include (some classical painting for instance).
Any idea ?