Style transfer soon in G'MIC


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It is my first script testing patchmatch… Your give me a bit of time…

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Another experiment, this time with the same style (a simple hatch drawing, not shown), to generate hatch drawings from different photographs:


Most of the G’MIC samples have a distinct foreground and background. I noticed a downside to the style transfer filter and the hatch examples confirm it: the backgrounds, often blurred in these examples, receive some of the most intense patterns, robbing the focus away from the subject; notably, the dog and duck.

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Well… In that case, just discard the background using the cool Extract Foreground [interactive] filter in the G’MIC plug-in :smile:
The algorithm doesn’t recognize objects, it just tries to transfer the colors and textures, which already requires some smart tricks, believe me !

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My proofs with patchmatch remained very Louis Wain


Things that do while I go back to generate a few video renders


I get it. Just being greedy and putting it out there. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This filter looks very interesting, when will it be available?

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When it’s ready, basically :slight_smile:
I’m making some progress day after day, but so much other things to do in parallel…
I really hope to have a first version ready for testing before Christmas.

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The hatch result looks pretty awesome, David. Very much looking forward to this preset. :slight_smile:


There’s another idea I had in mind.

  • The option to preserve colors on the target image. I realized this as I was testing deepart on a hex-tile image I generated from a program that comes bundled with Incendia NEXT -

Here’s the target image (Yes, it’s tileable) -

And maybe it should take into account of symmetry and the tile-ability of the image as a option. Would make for some real cool art.

Also, here’s the deepart result

Not tile-able.

With G’MIC color Transfer and a little bit of LAB editing, and fixing image a bit. It’s a bit more tileable


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Projected schedule for next week:

  • Monday (tomorrow): Release of a new stable version G’MIC 2.4.2
  • Thursday, or Friday: Having a first version of our Style Transfer filter available for testing, directly in the plug-in for GIMP and Krita.

A lot of tests still have to be done, but the algorithm has been improved drastically since the first draft (done last sunday), and I think it is quite usable.

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It might be interesting to see “The Scream” converted, using a photo-realistic style such as the pic of good old Morgin.

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I’ve read through the thread but all I can think of is that I want to see those bottles in the first post style transferred with a Giorgio Morandi painting of bottles!

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In case you want to be a beta-tester of the initial version of the Style Transfer filter, I’ve already put it in the plug-in for GIMP and Krita (available in entry Testing / Ronounours / Stylize). (@lylejk ?)

This is a beta version, so don’t expect too much from it (except heating your CPUs a lot :sweat_smile:).
Several things to know before testing:

  • You’ll need latest G’MIC version 2.4.2, and to press the filter update button before the filter appears.
  • The algorithm is computationally intensive, you shouldn’t even give a try if you don’t have at least 2-4 CPU cores (or use very small images).
  • Tweaking the parameters change the result a lot. It’s a bit hard to figure out what to change to obtain the desired result, at a first glance. I’ve tried to set reasonable default parameters, but this doesn’t work well with all the pre-defined styles.
  • There are some pre-defined styles, but you can also use your own style image. Here again, better results will be achieved if the style and target images are not too much differents. Trial and errors are necessary to get the best out of it.

And of course, please, please share all the cool results you get with this filter !
I’ve put a lot of energy in this, and having the impression the filter may be able to render cool stuffs will make my life a bit less tough :slight_smile:
Last thing : don’t expect wonderful results out-of-the-box. The filter often renders crappy results !

Now, it’s your turn :hot_face:

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my paint


Result quite fast <3
Serious excellent can differentiate areas with masks


I got this while running it on Krita. :confused:

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remove alpha channel


Doesn’t work at all. So, I’m not seeing what’s wrong with it. But, this might be the source of G’MIC problems found within Krita.

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In gimp show this error when having lower size layers of document or channel alpha


I’m not using GIMP here and there is no way to get rid of alpha in the sense that G’MIC “thinks” there is no alpha within Krita just because of how the program works. You could try to disable alpha on layer property, but it’s not make it ready for the filter.