Style transfer soon in G'MIC


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Modifying a bit the photo so that they coincide the colours and treatment


Awesome transfers!

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Really nice results, Bazza.

Anyway, it’s now an official binge for me. lol

Target image I took of a Christmas Cactus (and my Christmas Cactus already has several buds now) a few years back. Merry Christmas. :slight_smile:

source reference:

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Modifying a bit more the image

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Fidelity Countours: 0,6

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goto model:


Pardon for using to the pet of a wicked corporation


very interesting stuff everybody
thanks for sharing and helping with settings/ideas (and thanks of course to David)

here is one of my trials, kinda happy for a first try (hopefully these pics embed ok)

~ settings in order of appearance on-screen
pollock - convergence, 100%, None, 1.52, 10.00, 2.00, 0.50, 1.50, 0.10, histogram transfer

afterwards i made a few adjustments (unsharp, contrast/color/etc. and then a wispy grinch for a little more definition)




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Who doesn’t like the Grinch, Somewhereman. lol

Anyway, I was toying with style transfer to uprez and image and got some mixed results (thus not sharing not to mention it too way too long to complete) based on inspiration from using Resynthesizer (someone created a preset for uprezzing for Resynthesizer). Style transfer did a better job as far as matching the areas, but again, it wasn’t pretty. lol

Just something to think about when trying to “add” new detail to an uprezzed image. :slight_smile:

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Finally decided to start contributing what I’ve made using the filter. I took the difference between an image of the Great Wave and a result of the image being used on itself through the filter and I’ve run it through my neon filter, added grain and used all sorts of curves and blending techniques for this:

…then if I stylise the Great Wave again using this new image and posterise the result, this rubbish comes out…

Besides that, I found an error in the command (which is trivial to fix) - a missing fi in l[] if {!narg($$stylize)} _fx_stylize_ onfail endl.

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Update and sayme:

*** Error in ./fx_stylize/*local/*if/ *** Command 'onfail': Not associated to a 'local' command within the same scope.

In command-line:

gmic cabezas.xcf fx_stylize 1,4,0,1,7,3,3,0.5,1.5,0.1,2,5,0,0.7,100,0,1,0,5,5,7,1,30,1000,2,0
[gmic]-0./ Start G'MIC interpreter.
[gmic]-0./ Input file 'cabezas.xcf' at position 0 (1 image 562x535x1x3).
[gmic]-0./fx_stylize/*local/*if/_fx_stylize_/ Import custom commands from expression '_b:base642img $1' (1 new, total: 3319).
[gmic]-0./fx_stylize/*local/*if/_fx_stylize_/ Import custom commands from expression '_r:run {t} rm' (1 new, total: 3320).
[gmic]-0./fx_stylize/*local/*if/_fx_stylize_/_r/run/_r/ Remove image [] (0 images left).
[gmic]-1./fx_stylize/*local/*if/_fx_stylize_/_r/ Remove image [0] (0 images left).
[gmic]-0./fx_stylize/*local/*if/_fx_stylize_/ Discard definitions of custom commands '_b,_r' (2 found, 3319 commands left).
[gmic]-0./fx_stylize/*local/*if/ *** Error *** Command 'onfail': Not associated to a 'local' command within the same scope.


Same error on Krita v.4.2 beta, on Windows x64

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It’s fixed now.

New problem: It crash Krita when it is done.

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Test krita over terminal to see the debug, sure this serves him to repair the error.


How do I do that on Windows?

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I do not know it, surely with cmd.exe


@Reptorian The plugin should have settings for verbose output.


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Why not another; won’t have much time to play after today. :frowning:



Really cool stuff.
Will it be useable in Natron too?


Okay, I believe I am having trouble getting the log file after looking at those dialogs. No log file were created. In Krita, it just closes Krita once the filter is finished. I might get around to looking at the code directly once my work is done. I checked if it was in gmic appdata, nothing was created.