Style transfer soon in G'MIC


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This generates log in a layer


The issue is that Krita immediately close once the result is generated, so you could scratch that as a option. I’m gonna try debug.

Nope, all options have failed.

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A bit demoniaco but his style change a bit


I really wish there was more volume on those soundtracks. I had to put the volume to max, and I couldn’t hear the last one. And maximum volume is likely to blast my eardrum if there is sound other than that.

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The audios are the ones of the example of software (arss) that converts the spectrum in sound.
When it learn to do it on my own use something with volume high.

I try to imitate this software:


Another stylized image of my bike.



Has there been any fixes to the Stylize filter for Krita? I sent you the log.

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Racer-x mentioned that runs this preset around 10 times faster than gimp plugin. Any possible reason why? His entry to the parallel thread is at GIMPChat. :slight_smile:


That almost makes me want to run PDN other than screenshot application and just playing with it as if it was a toy.

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That’s not what he said. He just said G’MIC on Linux was 10x faster than on Windows, which is indeed something I already noticed. But, believe me, I have absolutely no idea why it works faster on Linux.
The code is 99% the same, the compiler is the same (g++), the optimization flags are the same.

Maybe we could ask people able to build their own binaries of G’MIC on Windows if they could try running the Stylize filter on the same kind of images and see if their versions are faster ? @samj, @Carmelo_DrRaw ?

This speed difference has always been a mystery for me, it even affects the small graphical demos where the fps are around 7-8 while it’s around 50 on my Linux.

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Ah; you are right, David. Was just blinded by seeing Paint.NET and didn’t think about the linux part. I do have a virtual machine LUbuntu (64-bit) build, but didn’t really give it that much as far as resources. May try toying with it to see if GIMP under Linux is better. I remember (until you speed the preset up in G’MIC for GIMP Windows; forgot what that preset was) in the past that something ran much faster under GIMP/Linux then in GIMP/Windows. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know what you did, but whatever you did, you cut the rendering time from 50% to 66% (i.e., only 1/3rd to 1/2 the time it use to take). Thanks a heap, David. :slight_smile:

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I have been working hard today to try optimizing the Stylize filter in G’MIC (among other things :) ).
I’ve been able to generate one updated binary of the G’MIC plug-in for GIMP (2.10 only and 64bits! Don’t try it with other configurations).

The binary installer is available here : … _win64.exe

I’d be really interested by your feedback, particulary from people who have already used the Stylize filter extensively before !
Feedback appreciated :)

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Posted a response at GIMPChat; can indeed state that your Win64 update is literally 10X faster. Fantastic indeed. :slight_smile:

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Now that the preset’s 10 times faster, why not another one. This one actually took a little over 5 minutes since I ran it twice (second time over the first run). :slight_smile:



I just tested it, and wow, I noticed a huge speed improvement to the point where it actually can be used. Too bad it crashes on Krita though. In my beefy system, it is over 100 times faster. From one hour to as little as 30 seconds. Not too sure if I’m exaggerating, but that is what I believe for now.

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Good to hear that!
For the Krita issue, I think only Krita devs can fix this, as the bug happens in of the Krita file.
I’ve already filled a bug report for this :

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Great filter @David_Tschumperle !

Here is my attempt with Kandinsky Composition VIII

fx_stylize 1,4,0,1,0.75,2,3,0.5,0.1,2,5,0,0.7,1,0,1,0,5,5,7,1,30,1000,2,1.85,0

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With default settings:



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Found Object Mosaic via Stylize


Can’t seem to stop playing; help me, help me, help me. lolololol

Again, thanks a heap, David. :slight_smile:


Can’t seem to stop playing; help me, help me, help me. lolololol

Again, thanks a heap, David. :slight_smile: