Style transfer soon in G'MIC



Not a problem for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


A lot of the time I seem to just get the colors and a lot of blur from the style image. I don’t really get how most of the parameters change the result. I don’t suppose someone could explain them to me?

(Lyle Kroll) #123


OK; this time I applied the original as a Hue layer (adjusted opacity) to get a better color match. Of course I did some other details enhancing steps too. :slight_smile:

(Susan ) #124

Love to try out this filter David but nothing is happening for me exept 10 minutes running then a black canvas. No error messages either.
I haven’t tried on anything larger than 1000 x 1000 and also same thing happens on small images. only hting I have changed in the settings is the style.
What could I be doing wrong?

ps last time I tried I had as preview mode to see all outputs. First was a black canvas then it showed a little colour occasionally but finished up all black.

(G'MIC staff) #125

What version of GIMP ? G’MIC ? OS ? Color mode (8bits, 16bits, 32bits ?)
Did you try with a custom style, or a pre-defined one ?

(Susan ) #126

OS is Windows 64bit 10 Home
GMIC 2.4.2 came with 2.10.8 and I just refreshed it too.
I tried on predefined ones. I originally tried with custom but kept on tell me I need at least two layers even when I had two or three.
Also I did not hear my CPU running even though it was showing it was doing sominthing
Oh I didn’t check the color mode but they were PD pictures I have used over and over again in gimp and gmic. Color space was RGB in all three

(G'MIC staff) #127

I don’t know what happened for you.
Maybe you can try to re-install the latest prerelease version I’ve just posted this afternoon

I’ve work hard on the Stylize filter recently, so it may have fixed your issue as well :slight_smile:

(Susan ) #128

Must have been the last version. I have tried about three predefined presets and they all worked fine. smallest 5 minutes to largest over 2,000 x 2000 = 15 minutes. At first custom wasn’t working for me still then while I was watching the last one I realized “maybe I need to have all visible layers as the input layers” duh, So I just tried it and it is running now for me. Is on the 6/7 scale right now.
Thank you

My very first one Black and white image with the almond blossom predefined stylize

Original plus stylized with the pollock convergence
I eventually worked out how to do the custom and did this with milkyway and lightning at dusk

(Lyle Kroll) #129

Left you a message at GIMPChat, Sallyanne. Now it’s your turn to partake in the Stylize crack. lololol

Taking 4 hours off today (will have to head off to work soon). Anyway, take care and enjoy. Look forward to seening more from you soon. :slight_smile:


Good stuff. A few more optimizations and maybe, just maybe, I might be able to pull one off myself.

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Thought it was a butterfly until I scrolled up (No; didn’t take any drugs. lol)

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