Styles for G'MIC filter Stylize

Maybe this topic has been already discussed, in this case please point me to the proper discussion.
Here my question:

  • is there a function for creating and storing a new style using an image -maybe from an artist and an artwork not present currently in the avalable styles set?
  • are there already available additional “styles”?
    Thanks and sorry for my ignorance about it.

Yes, at the top of the list, the Custom selection stylizes from an another layer - for example:

Street shot stylized by a tree trunk shot, or maybe vice-versa.

The tree trunk shot was in the layer above the street shot; the street shot layer was selected before opening G’MIC.

For another Artist, you would download a work from the web and use the image as described above.


Thanks Ted.
The “custom” feature is useful, but I would like to store the additionall “style” in Appdata to be used any time I want to.
I tried to add an entry in Appdata, naming the picture as “style_…” but it does not show up after closing/reopening gimp/gmic, there must be some trick I’m not aware.

:I show my updated AppData