Styles // how to setup with auto pickup color from image in the style

I’ve created a style with based on this guide:

So my style contains:
Exposure, Chroma & Saturation in Filmic RGB, black and white relative exposure adjustment in Filmic RGB and Local contrast.
I used ‘auto’ button (pick color from image) as pointed in the guide mentioned above. Unfortunately, when I use the style to other image, the style use the same parameters in absolute values as in original image used to create the style. Instead of that, I would like to ‘force’ style to use ‘pick color from image’ on every image based on that image. Is there any way to do this?

Oh, yes, I have the very same question and for all the module having an ‘auto’ option : is it possible to store ‘auto’ mode in style and not the resulting parameters from the auto mode of the ‘base’ image used to create the style.
Pretty tricky work to implement this feature imho : you must store ‘auto mode’ and resulting parameters in the history stack and compute ‘auto mode’ only once when you apply the style, then use the computed parameters.

But great feature if it’s possible.

That is the issue with styles. They will use the values in effect when you save them… no automatic color selection…

Using this lua script gives you a module that will automate some of the basic modules and allow some minor automation like setting filmic autoexposure the tone eq mask and a few other things…

Marks guide refers to auto picking for the white and black relative exposures correct?? Not a color??

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