Sub folders in file browser

Is there a way to show all files in a folder that has sub folders within it?

To the best of my knowledge no, but I’m happy to be wrong.


Sorry if you’ve seen this before, but it seems like a very basic feature to be able to browse through your file structure to locate a file you want to work with. This is with Mac os 10.15.7 aka Catalina and RawTherapee 5.8. I have found that if I use the File Browser preference and put the whole path in to where the files are that I want to work on, and restart, I can work in that directory. Seems a bit cumbersome, and what if I want to save the resulting file somewhere else?

Have you given rt disk access?

If you go to a folder in the file browser you need to double click to see the content. This behavior is on purpose, as the thumbnails are created on first visit and this can take some time …

Thanks for responding folks. RT does have disk access. It shows folders in the internal HD, but the external drive only shows image files (as expected) on the external drive, no folders. I see in the documentation that a double click is required to generate thumbnails. If there are images in the directory, they will be shown. The problem is that no folders in the directory are shown. No other applications have this problem.

Can you post a few screenshots to illustrate your problem?

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Looking under folders, in /Volumes is ssUsers, an external drive where my home directory resides. All the other folders show subfolders. ssUsers doesn’t even show the arrow on the left indicating there is something in there. The ssUsers folder is an external drive. It’s permissions are fully open, that is anyone can read and write to it. It shows up fine in the finder.