Suggested Native Gimp for AndroidTV

Dear All.

Things change very fast nowadays!

I noticed that I am obsolete! :joy: 65 years old. I mean my desktop computers.

I am replacing, after a whole life of use, my Linux and Windows desktop computers with Android desktop computers.

Why. Because nowadays, Apps are the most used and important tools for the daily computer use!

And which Android PC? Very easy, and besides a bargain! A certified AndroidTV box.

Only 50 USD, quad core, 4GB + 64Gb, and a big HDMI screen, for stream watching, and playing around with the whole (sideloading) world of Android Apps.

So, I would be very thankfull to the developers, to have a native AndroidTV Gimp version!


Cris from Chile

I don’t think any Gimp developer hangs around here.

Android apps are very lightweight programs (they have to run in a smartphone). Native Gimp on your box? I’m not sure you could edit images big enough for your TV. Keep your Linux PC.



Test, to see if it works …

Now, I am waiting for the octa core, 8Gb + 128Gb, Rock Chip based, AndroidTV box to reach 80 USD … The cpu is still to expensive … new.