Suggested UI tweaks...

These aren’t functional issues but as evidenced by the fact that I’ve occasionally been momentarily ‘fooled’ by them maybe they could be considered. Not complaints, just food for thought. Also, I may be the only person who even pays attention to such things. :slight_smile:

Inconsistency between gradient tool and gradient mask slider order

Gradient tool - order top to bottom is strength, angle, feather, centering:


Gradient (shape) mask - order top to bottom is centering, strength, angle, feather:


IMO it would be logical to have the sliders in the same order in both places. They’re not 1:1 the same, but the shape mask is really just a slight extension of the gradient filter.

Highlights / Shadows / Midtones controls

Color/Tone Correction HSL factors mode layout:


To me it would be more logical to have the shadows at the bottom and the midtones in the center. After all, midtones are in the middle, by name. :slight_smile: The same logic holds true for other places where H/S/M controls are used, for example:


Again, none of this is a problem but IMO these kinds of refinements can help make a UI more usable.