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To have a (sort of) contact sheet of my scanned negatives, I make a screenshot of the thumbnails and I print it. However there is information on and around the thumbnails that is not required and the resolution is not ideal.

Would it be an idea to have an option to print/save the thumbnails as a contact sheet directly (in the queue for example)?

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I think a user command is the way to go here, e.g. something that calls imagemagick to do the hard work (see here for a tutorial).


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Thanks for the tip. it works!


Hello @Bertrand_Roessli, perhaps a bit off-topic, but with a simple flatbed scanner one can make contactsheets as well.

Place the negatives on the glass plate and scan them. At a scan resolution of 100ppi the negatives end up with their original size on your screen, so 24x36mm in the case of 135mm film.

A scan resolution of 300ppi results in negatives with a size of 72x108mm on the screen, which is more then enough to judge and/or compare them.

I’ve done this many many times and it works just fine!


That is also a good idea.