Sunset and storm

Hello community,

this is my firsts playraw post. The weather of last week was a little crazy here, spring heat on one day, random snowstorm on the other.
I took this picture on an evening with sun and storm. The foreground was painted gold by the setting sun, while the background was stormy purpleish.
I attach a cropped camera jpg and a darktable edit - i tried to stay close to the camera version, only pushed the clouds to a little more drama.
Camera jpeg:


20210407_DSCF3568.RAF.xmp (13.5 KB)

I’m sure there are more colourful, more dramatic or nice b&w representations, which i leave now to you :slight_smile: Have fun with the edits!

Note: i’m using fujifilm_dynamic_range lua script, i hope it doesn’t mess up the usage of the attached xmp.

edit: my bad, i forgot to attach the raw itself :smiley:
20210407_DSCF3568.RAF (48.1 MB)

This file is licensed Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).


Welcome to PlayRaw! To allow editing you should post your Raw file as well :wink:. Where did you take this shot ?

Thank you, it was an amateur error of me :slight_smile: I’ve taken the shot from my kitchen window, it’s the city of Győr (Raab), Hungary

Cool shot !

I changed the crop a bit and added some drama to the storm.

20210407_DSCF3568.RAF.xmp (23.7 KB)


thanks for posting
darktable 3.4.1

20210407_DSCF3568.RAF.xmp (21.3 KB)

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Sunset and storm_20210407_DSCF3568.RAF.xmp (15.1 KB)


sunset.and.storm.pp3 (15.3 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 Development

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Wysyłanie: 20210407_DSCF3568PhotoFlow_GIMP_LAB.jpg


@Zbyma72age Could you the PhotoFlow sidecar (PFI)?

Here’s my sidecar file from darktable 3.4.
20210407_DSCF3568.RAF.xmp (16.4 KB)


Nice edit.

Only thing I’m not so sure about is the use of the color zone module. Blues seem alright to me as it is. Tastes do differ though :slight_smile:

Yes, I was also thinking about this. In the end I decided to keep the saturated blue :wink: .

Looks like a classic dark-channel prior dehaze problem where the algorithm attempts to ignore (the bright patches of the) sky when colour correcting. An extension of that would be to reverse the mask to deal with the bluer part of the sky separately.

Darktable 3.5 git 1652
20210407_DSCF3568.RAF.xmp (8.7 KB)

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