Sunset at the beach


I would like to see your versions of this sunset.

Thank you.

DSC09550.ARW (24.0 MB)

My version:

DSC09550.JPG.xmp (2.9 KB)

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Nice place, thanks for sharing!

dt 4.0

I went for a darker look:

DSC09550.ARW.xmp (14.0 KB)

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Hi @7osema,

i went for a softer look :wink:

DSC09550.ARW.xmp (22.9 KB)

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Thanks for posting,
darktable 4.0

DSC09550_09.ARW.xmp (59.1 KB)


In Photoflow I’ve finally managed to copy the hue from oklab to the rgb per-channel tonemapped image :slightly_smiling_face:

DSC09550.pfi (79.3 KB)


I like how the beach doesn’t look too dark when you look directly at it, but it’s enough to work with the sunset, which is the most-realistic 3D treatment of the edits here. I’m waiting for the sounds of happy CR3 users before trying raw again, but here’s an attempt to take @7osema 's jpeg as close as I can to that in gthumb, for fun. I quickly gave up on getting the copper color out of the rays.

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2:1 black and white crop, toned with darktable, and film grain added.

DSC09550.ARW.xmp (10.8 KB)

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darktable 4.0

DSC09550.ARW.xmp (15.8 KB)


Here’s my contribution. Started out in RawTherapee. I overthought the WB, but settled on something not as warm as I started out. Too cool? I’m still trying to decide. Used L-a-b Adjustments to bring out some blues and oranges. Finished up with a few tweaks in GIMP. The sensor on these Sonys create some fantastic RAW files. Thanks for posting.


Here’s my contribution - GIMP

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