Sunset on the pier

This is a sunset picture of the pier. Most of the processing was done in Darktable and then I moved to GIMP for an oilify, scale and some more sharpen.

The colors do not look natural but I did not intend them to look natural. It is rather a view through my own eyes and transformed by my imagination and subjected to the natural limitations.

hope you like it.


Taking me back to 16 color vga images… :slight_smile:


Can you tell us where the pier is, and what the landmasses behind it are?

The pier is located in White Rock BC. It is known as Canada’s longest pier.
Behind it you can see the mountains that are part of Vancouver Island.
The Vancouver Island is separated from Greater Vancouver by the Strait of Georgia.
There are other (smaller) islands - the Gulf Islands that are on the fore front and the main island on the back. The small very dark area on the right is just part of White Rock.

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Beautiful spot. I did a year of research during my grad studies in Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island. Spent lots of time on the ferries and the research boat…

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