Sunset over Vierwaldstättersee

Sunset over Vierwaldstättersee (Switzerland). I used this for a comparison of filmic and sigmoid (see Evaluate the new sigmoid tone mapper just merged into master ... - #175 by luator).

20220920-184101-473.nef (14.1 MB, license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

Camera JPG:

My take with darktable (current master branch, so unfortunately, the XMPs are not compatible with the released version).
An older edit using filmic:

20220920-184101-473_01.nef.xmp (8.7 KB)

And a more recent one, using sigmoid instead of filmic for comparison. A slightly different version than what I posted in the sigmoid-thread. I spent some more time on the highlights (using highlight reconstruction and tone equalizer) to get a smoother transition.

20220920-184101-473_02.nef.xmp (12.0 KB)


Nice shot

Darktable 4.0.1.

20220920-184101-473.nef.xmp (15,6 KB)


From the cell phone, i cant tell filmic apart from sigmoid. Both look great.

My version… ( Sigmoid ).

20220920-184101-473.nef.xmp (14.0 KB)


Nice image
a way of dealing with blown highlights is to hit it with HR GLs with just enough iterations and diameter to not stall the computer till next week then cover up remaining magenta with Retouch sampled from cloud at low opacity - keeps the brightness and adds a bit of colour / texture. Adjust to taste.

20220920-184101-473.nef.xmp (130.9 KB)

20220920-184101-473_01.nef.xmp (12.0 KB)

Did a filmic one first. Then I remembered that ‘heavy sunshine’ was sigmoid’s territory, so did another sigmoid when. When comparing, I liked that my filmic version preserved more colour in the trees in the foreground, and the little field of grass in the bottom right.
So in the sigmoid version, I added another tone-equalizer, to nudge the darks up a bit.

This picture seems a bit weird with white point (turn everything off, including highlight reconstruction. Turn the exposure way down. You’ll see the purple of clipped sensor data. But when you enable the raw-clipping-indicator, not all the purple is indicated as clipped?).
I decided to just do it visually. With the exposure still all the way down, I raised the white point to the max, enabled highlight reconstruction (opposed) and then kept nudging the white point down until the reconstruction kicked in and there was no more purple.

In the end this didn’t really matter since I kept little of the reconstructed data, because it looked weird too me.

And I clearly seem to like the picture with more brightness than the out-of-camera JPEG :slight_smile: .

edit: Filmic variant I did first for comparison:
20220920-184101-473.nef.xmp (10.6 KB)

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Can’t add anything new with my edit, just wanted to say thanks for the great image :+1:

20220920-184101-473.nef.xmp (38.8 KB)

Had fun playing with this.


A great atmospheric photograph.
My play in GIMP. I decided to bring out a little detail of the trees in the foreground and to emphasise the rays.


My attempt


This is so cool, I’m really impressed how many different moods can be pulled out of this raw!
I think I have to reconsider my edit after seeing so many versions which brought back the trees in the foreground.

My attempt
DT 4.0.1
20220920-184101-473.nef.xmp (12,7 KB)

Nice image