Sunset - Table Mountain & Lion Head, Cape Town

This image was also shot from the 18th floor in downtown Cape Town. I could not get rid of the red fringe around part of Lion Head, I tried Chromatic Aberrations but it just added a green artifact. Any idea??

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Edit: made a correction for halos due to sharpening



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I haven’t looked at the .xmp, but are you using the Filmic RGB module? The brigher parts of the sky in your image are desaturated to nearly grey which makes the hills look red. Your filmic settings are probably wrong.

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I’ve tried with RawTherapee, and the mountain line do show fringes, mostly in the reds, but also in the greens (mostly on the left part).

Most surely you already will be aware, but to my knowledge Chromatic Aberrations and Fringes are different kinds of aberrations (CAs showing blue and yellow lines, while fringes mostly purple, but green too). Thus, there are different tools to correct those different aberrations.

Can’t say anything about darktable, but with a moderate use of the Defringe tool in RT5.8, the offending colors are gone.

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My first try with Photoflow. I have use quite some heavy local contrast enhancement to make the city lights more prominent:

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ART 1.1

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Photoflow again, with the addition of perspective correction:

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RT 5.8

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As RT user I can only quote @XavAL:

“Can’t say anything about darktable, but with a moderate use of the Defringe tool in RT5.8, the offending colors are gone.”


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DT 3.0

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Photoflow again. This time I was inspired by @sis141 and tried a black and white version:

_DSC3412_bw.pfi (43.2 KB)

Another monochrome version.

Yes I used RGB Filmic and You are correct the settings were wrong. Tried it without Filmic and I resolved the issue, but then made another copy and worked with Filmic until I got it. Thanks for your input.

I did reduce the sharpening and resolved the halo problem. The other problem was with RGB Filmic which I was able after many tries too resolve also.

Never heard of Photoflow and from its description it uses layers. I have dropped Photoshop and adopted Affinity Photo which I found excellent, plus it is available at an unbeatable price.

The price is quite beatable when you consider all the software here is without monetary cost. Further than dollars and cents, affinity products cost you your freedom to do as you please with the application.

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I had in mind Photoshop Mica, and I am not losing any freedom.

Had a bit of a play with it too and gave it an ‘artificial’ focal point.

Darktable and Gimp. :slight_smile:

Regarding the color fringing to me it looks like focus is a bit off (or the lens is pretty soft). I guess that results in longitudal chromatic aberiation which is not corrected by the Lens/CA corrections in darktable. Defringe might help, and so does careful processing not to make the problem worse.


Yes it does. Non-destructive layers with associated non-destructive opacity masks. If you come from the PS world, you might find it not too difficult to try out…