"Supplemental Categories" in xmp data


In my history of DAM-ing, I’ve gone through the following progression:

iMatch, Media Pro, LightRoom, and now DigiKam (DK)

In this progression, I’ve gathered a number of “Supplemental Categories” in the XMP data that DK will read. Unfortunately, they are leftovers from the various migrations, and are poorly formed.

All my images are in one folder, organized in subfolders by date, month, etc.

Is there a handy dandy way of deleting all the “Supplemental Categories” in all the xmp and jpg files via DigiKam?

Thank you in advance!


Phil Harvey to the rescue

exiftool -supplementalcategories= -ext xmp -ext jpg -r DIR

With DIR being the top level folder.

It’s wailing away as we speak!