Support for Light L16 Camera Raw Files in Rawtherapee

(Ed Wagner) #1

I have the amazing new Light L16 camera.

The company has standard profiles for Snapseed and Polarr editors, and I told the company about Rawtherapee.

The L16 has very large raw files that are processed through its own Lumen photo importer and editor. The files appear to be a proprietary format or obsolete format that no other program can open. The file extension is LRI. The editor can output DNG and Jpeg files. As I recall, I could not load one of its DNG files into Rawtherapee.

The camera is so unusual in its technology that I don’t think the approach used to support a new raw file format in Rawtherapee will work.

I wish program developers would contact Light about the possibility of sharing its raw file format specs at some point in the future.