Support for older python-setuptools

(darix) #1

See for details

(Damon Lynch) #2

Regarding the install_requires vs. extras_requires in the, Eli Schwartz of Arch Linux told me I was “misusing extras_require for dependencies that are only needed for given python versions… but you really should use the current best practice which is environment markers”.

I fixed that problem. However, I understand @darix from the openSUSE patch that this fix has introduced a build problem in older versions of openSUSE.

Does anyone know of a solution to this problem that meets current requirements while maintaining backwards compatibility?

(darix) #3

I cant say that the solution that alois picked, is 100% correct. I just wanted to point out we ran into issues.

(Luigi Baldoni) #4

I foreported (if that’s even a word) the patch from three or four versions ago and apply it selectively.

I wonder if this should even be addressed upstream, after all it’s the crusty old version of setuptools to be at fault.