Support for Olympus High Resolution Mode


Hi, I would like to contribute in getting Darktable to support the high resolution files for Olympus cameras, but I’m a bit lost in where to start.

I would appreciate any pointers.

(Pat David) #2

I would start by at least uploading a sample raw file taken in this mode. It can be of any scene really, just a normal shot that’s properly exposed and in-focus.


I uploaded the raw file. The site didn’t let me use the ‘Mode’ field to tell that it is a HiRes shot, so I wrote as a “Remark”.

I did some tests with other software that I have installed and I could open it with Krita (that uses libraw) and UFRaw (that uses dcraw).

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

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(Frank Cardoze) #5

Great! I am also interested in getting the Olympus pixel shift files to work in darktable.