Support for Pentax pixel shift files #3489

(Ilias Giarimis) #221

@vto Vitalis, many thanks. Downloading.

I forgot to ask for K-1 Black Frames … both with NR and no_NR … preferably in pixelshift mode but single frames can also do the job … just 1-2 high ISO samples in both pixelshift and single frame to use as reference.
Is it possible ?.


@heckflosse Is it possible to merge with latest gtk2 branch with new versionning? As it is now I am no longer able to automatically build pixelshift branch.
Do you intend to use gtk3 for pixelshift developments?

(Ingo Weyrich) #223

@gaaned92 I will try to merge with gtk2 and gtk3 today

(Vitalis) #224

Hi Ilias,
it is unclear for me what do you need:
a) noNR/NR blackframes in pixelshift mode over entire ISO range + single frames at 1-2 high ISO values, or
b) black noNR/NR and pixelshift/singleframe permutations at 1-2 high ISO values.

(Ingo Weyrich) #225

@gaaned92 pixelshift and pixelshift_gtk3 are up to date now.
The development branch for pixelshift is still the gtk2 version pixelshift


So for the moment I will only build pixelshift until you completely switch to gtk3

(Ingo Weyrich) #227

Ok, and no need to make 32bit versions of pixelshift :slight_smile:

uploaded in

It contains also gdb.exe and rawtherepee_debug.exe as all the new builds I make

(Ingo Weyrich) #229

Thanks for the new build :slight_smile:
For pixelshift users: The main difference between this build and the last build is the possibility to use lmmse instead of amaze for regions with motion.

(Morgan Hardwood) #230

Just wondering, as gaaned makes builds for pixelshift frequently… Including a debug executable requires doubling the effort to make the build. Is a debug exe really needed for this branch with every update?

(Ingo Weyrich) #231

No, it’s not needed


@Morgan_Hardwood really no additional effort as it is completely managed in a script. And as my pc is fast, I can even run RT at same time.

(Ilias Giarimis) #233

Hi Vitalis,
a) is a bit better but the size will be huge …
b) will also do the >95% of the job with less GigaBytes

(Vitalis) #234

files are being uploaded to the same bin:
I made them over entire range but with 1 EV steps. Also made single frame images at last three ISO’s.
Watching the resulting file size I was fascinated how abruptly ir rises starting at 6400. This is very informative fact.

(Ingo Weyrich) #235

I just pushed to pixelshift (gtk2) branch.

There’s a new option to equalize brightness of frames (useful in case you made a pixelshift shot while brightness of illumination changed)
I also reduced the ‘custom’ gui and added some tool tips.

In case someone needs the whole old gui, it’s still available by adding two lines to code :slight_smile:

@gaaned92 @sguyader Request for a new builds :sunny:

(Ingo Weyrich) #236

Here’s an example of the new feature equalize brightness applied to a shot where brightness difference between the 4 frames was more than 10%

Left is without equalization, right is with equalization. Both are without motion correction:

#237 uploaded at


TNX You very much !
You make good work.
When relase it to stable version of RT ?


Gtk3 branch is not updated ?

All need shift to Gtk2 for last update ?

(Ingo Weyrich) #240

Gtk3 version will follow later