Support for Pentax pixel shift files #3489

(Vitalis) #241

Good work! These patterns kept emerging here ant there

(Morgan Hardwood) #242

@heckflosse an “equalize brightness” feature would be very useful to have as a stand-alone tool, perhaps part of Exposure.

(Pat David) #243

Maybe cannibalize a “deflicker” algorithm from somewhere? I think darktable has one, right @houz?

(Ingo Weyrich) #244

I just deleted the old pixelshift_gtk3 branch and created the new psgtk3 branch. It’s now up to date with latest dev branch and current pixelshift development. To be more precise, it’s already ahead of pixelshift gtk2 branch because I added some history messages.

@gaaned92 May I again ask for a build? :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

#245 is uploaded at

(Ingo Weyrich) #246

@gaaned92 Thanks a lot. That was ultra fast :smile:

(Ronald E Chambers) #247

RT very impressive
Over the last while I have been following the development of Pixel Shift data handling in RT and am very impressed with the what is transpiring. The latest shown is what is needed for such a powerful tool as PS. I believe that motion should no longer be in the conversation. With all of the ways that the quality of a PS file can be compromised, we should talk about geometry and illumination variations. RT is the only tool with scientifically based diagnostics available. Keep up the good work.


(Ingo Weyrich) #248

@partha Would it be possible to make a macOS >= 10.8 build from psgtk3 branch?


It does, @LebedevRI added the one from Magic Lantern.

(Ronald E Chambers) #250

Is there a list which shows the order of processes in a run of RT?


You can build it for Windows XP SP3 32-bit ?

(Ingo Weyrich) #252

I don’t recommend using pixelshift on 32-bit Windows. Processing pixelshift files needs a lot more memory than normal files, which probably will crash on 32-bit Windows.


Im processed HDR-s under Windows XP :wink: and use DCU for Pixel-shift DNG from Pentax K-70.

All work ok. !

Im have only one problem if try load 5 or more 16-tiff to program (Machinery HDR Effects) for HDR generation :wink:

(Ingo Weyrich) #254

Ok, maybe with K-70 it works on win32. When using K-1 pixelshift files in rt pixelshift win32 I would bet it will crash.


I fear that a psgtk3 build will not run on WXP as this system lacks the Display Window Manager (DWM) required by GTK3 and which was introduced on Vista.
The error message says that DWMAPI.dll is missing.

I am building a W32 build and upload in a few minutes at
Thank to report what happened.
edit : Uploaded


Im try it run but dwmpi.dll not found :frowning: Try bulid GTK2 version ? or other ?


Please build GTK2 version of RT.
Im try version 5.XX GTK2 from it works ok. but not support pixel-shift :frowning:
Load DNG with PS but support only amaze demosaic…

(Mica) #258

I think it is worth noting that the GTK2 version of RawTherapee will be decommissioned and Windows XP was end of life by Microsoft almost 3 years ago.


@heckflosse, My builds work on MacOS >= 10.9. Due to some some support libs, I can no longer build for 10.8.

Does that help you?


(Ingo Weyrich) #260

@partha a psgtk3 version for >= 10.9 would be also fine :slight_smile: