Support for Pentax pixel shift files #3489

(Ingo Weyrich) #301

@teiki @partha I pushed a fix for this files. But keep in mind that these are not really raw files. They are already demosaiced by DxO!!!


Hi Ingo,
of course, the picture is already demosaiced, but we can play just on DxO prime to use RawTherapee as if it was a real dng file. To some extent, all files are processed by the Camera’s data encoding, am I wrong? And encoding depends on the way engineers decided it to be?! For example, the sensor is the same for Sony A7R, Nikon D810 and Pentax K-1, but these three brands use different proprietary formats and the way they decided to follow make the results a little bit different between these cameras, isn’t it?..
And what I like with RawTherapee, it’s all the parameters we “can/should” control to reach our goal…
In the sample, I also used Smart Lighting module of DxO but I am not used to. Usually, I just use DxO Prime to get fast and good Noise Reduction…
Best regards.

(Ingo Weyrich) #303

No, for example you can’t use RT raw CA-Correction with already demosaiced DNG files :wink:


I didn’t know about that. But I can use it with DxO prime, why?

(Ingo Weyrich) #305

The raw CA-Correction in RT works on undemosaiced bayer pattern. If you load an already demosaiced DNG file (generated by DxO for example), the raw CA-Correction in RT will be skipped even if you enable it. I’m currently cleaning the gui a bit to hide tools which are not available for certain files. Maybe I’ll also hide the raw CA-Correction tool for this kind of of DNG files to give better feedback to users which tools can be used and which not.


@heckflosse Do you want me to create a preview version for testing based on this push? I understand I should use the dev branch, correct?

@teiki, Sorry, I don’t have control over which version is doing what. :frowning:

(Ingo Weyrich) #307

@partha I pushed this change to dev because it’s unrelated to pixelshift. That Issue came up because we included a fix for Pentax DNG files of pixelshift cameras into the pixelshift branch and have not been aware of the demosaiced DNG non raw files generated by DxO. So I would say, it’s save to make a new build from dev. :thumbsup:


Edit: maybe worth a note and sorry for the link in german language :wink:


@heckflosse No problemo, Ingo. :slight_smile: I’ll be happy to create a preview version from dev for people to test.


@heckflosse & @partha,
thank you for explanation and for the link. Indeed, release as Adobe LR6 can read and process DxO DNG files. The PS branch RawTherapee_OSX release can’t process these DxO DNG files properly…:sunglasses:


@teiki, @heckflosse

Please download and test the following preview:

It’s based on the latest dev pull which should address your concerns and also includes pixel-shift.

Please let me know if you run into any issues.


Slow mac build rt5

I shall try this evening. thank you!
I let you know…

(Morgan Hardwood) #312

Does it include pull/3706?


Hi partha,
everything is fine now with the latest release. I mean when I use DxO DNG file (monofile), pixel shift option doesn’t appear in demosaicing board and issue has gone. When I work on Pixel Shift file, PS option appears with 4 frames and motion correction and everything is ok.
And when I work on HDR files, “Pixel shift” appears with the 3 frames option but not doing anything. Nevertheless, I can “Amaze” each of the three frames and export them in Tiff and work on the three pictures with a tierce software for HDR final picture…


I think so since the latest pull I has a log date of Tuesday 28, 00:02:10 2017 +0200



Good to hear. Thanks for the feedback. Let me know if it crashes on any files.

(Morgan Hardwood) #316

@partha if you’re on Beep6581:dev and you didn’t manually merge ion12:dev then you didn’t include those changed. It would be good to test them out before I merge.


Yes, I am on Beep6581:dev and didn’t merge anything. This build was to test Pixel shift and the issue that @teiki was having.

Can you create a test branch with @ion12’s branch and the current dev branch?



For sure, I will…:sunglasses:
Thank you again.



Can you test the following? Please try to change the app display font within preferences and see if you can generate a crash.

Thanks in advance,

(Dan Beaty) #320

How can I download the last 32 bit gtk2 pixelshift version?