Support for Pentax pixel shift files #3489


I have tried your new version and it works perfectly! Very quick process on my second hand MacPro 2009 I so easily switched to ersatz of SSD PCI MacPro 2010 W3680 48Gb RAM (3x16Gb) MacOs Sierra 10.12.3 and no bug for the moment. But I actually do not know how to get the log file. Let me know, in such way I can send everything you need.
Besides, I do not fully understand what to use about “sub-images” especially… Any link to avoid me looking for a long time?

I didn’t try your terminal commands as partha put a new version… Nevrtheless, thank you very much for your help!

Thank you very much again. Thanks to you, I can use Pixel Shift now. My update DCUP5 is not stable and awful to work with.

Here’s an example of a picture taken with a Pentax K-1 and Leitaxed Leica Apo-Extender-1.4x & Apo-Telyt-R modular 280/2.8 W.O. to make an Apo 400/4. On a tripod at 1/50s & Iso250.
Crop is exactly the same but picture shift reflects the Pixel shift process.

Crop100% without Pixel Shift

Crop100% with Pixel Shift


@heckflosse and @Hombre

Does this mean I should resume pulling from psgtk3 branch?


(Ingo Weyrich) #283

Yes, as pixelshift now is in dev, you don’t need to make psgtk3 builds.
psgtk3 branch will stay alive for further pixelshift development but I will merge more often to dev from now on.

(nosle) #284

I’ve done pixel shift whiteframes without nr for the Pentax K3-II. Files can be downloaded here:

That file compresses quite well to say the least… is there any information in there?!

I don’t quite understand the need for the second series, as per ( is it in case the camera does denoising in the raw file? As far as I understand you only request dngs?

edit: Added nr pixel shift files as well. Looks like something went wrong though. Was shooting the sun and there’s a black dot in the center of the frame. Why the sun would be black and the sky white when overexposed is a bit of a mystery to me. Perhaps it’s expected.

I choose medium nr as the camera has three settings plus an additional nr for long exposures which I also turned on.

Noticed the info about compression at the end of the rawpedia tutorial.

(Morgan Hardwood) #285

Yes, when the camera performs noise reduction in the raw files that affects the white (and sometimes black?) levels.

The off/low/medium/high noise reduction settings are probably only for the JPEG files. It’s only the long exposure noise reduction which affects raw files.

I hope you didn’t sizzle the photosites!

(nosle) #286

My first thought! Preliminary tests suggests no permanent issues. Shooting 28x4x2 (4 due to pixel shift) images straight into the sun in a very short timespan could be quite exhausting to the gear I imagine… but everything looks good.

(nosle) #287

Reading comprehension failure as my nr files were shot using below 2s shutterspeed. With the clarifications above I realised that youre after long shutterspeeds which rereading the rawpedia text confirmed.

New nr files can be downloaded from same filebin only did files at 1stop iso intervals if needed I can do intermediates later.


@teiki & @allanp,

I have uploaded a new version and your issues should be resolved in this version.

Please test and let me know otherwise. The link is the same:

@heckflosse & @Hombre I am still pulling from psgtk3 branch for this build. Hope that’s OK and I’m not missing any functionality this way.


(Ingo Weyrich) #289


pixelshift is now in dev branch. Means you don’t need to make psgtk3 builds anymore :slight_smile:


@heckflosse, cool! Then I am done? :slight_smile:

(Ingo Weyrich) #291

Yeah :slight_smile:

Edit: And thanks for making the psgtk3 builds :slight_smile:


I shall download the new version soon. Thank you very much for your work(s).
Best regards, teiki.


Yes you are!:yum:


Everything works fine with the new version. Thank you very much indeed!:wink:


@heckflosse & @partha,
The new version with Pixel shift module for MacOs is incompatible with DxO DNG files in contrast to official release…
I mean I don’t use Pixel shift module for non pixel shift files with your PS release but it doesn’t work: process shows unworkable results… With official release, everything is fine so I can use DxO PRIME 2016…
Best regards.

PS: so, I have two RawTherapee applications, the official one for non Pixel Shift files with I can use Dxo Prime and your non-official one for Pixel Shift files where I can’t use DxO prime anyway… It doesn’t really bother me actually but just to let you know about it.

(Ingo Weyrich) #296

@teiki, please upload a DxO DNG file (whatever that is) to and post the link here.


Hi Ingo,
Uploading at 100KB/s… the file is 200Mb, so this may take time… I let you know…

(Ingo Weyrich) #298

Thank you :slight_smile:


(Ingo Weyrich) #300

Thanks for providing the file. I tried with windows version. The (already demoscaiced) DxO DNG opens fine here.

Edit: I guess I know that you mean now. Looking…