Supported camera list

(Antek Zimny) #1

In my photo club we want switch to RT, but members are asking if their camera is supported. How can I find supported cameras list?
Thank you!

(Mica) #2

There isn’t a set list; that list would be quite long. Best is to just try it, per the docs:

(Ingo Weyrich) #3

There are several levels of camera support in rt:

  1. lowest level: RT can decode the raw format
  2. Color matrix for the camera is in dcraw code
  3. an entry for the camera exists in camconst.json
  4. RT ships a dcp profile for the camera. Also have a look here because some cameras have different names in different countries.

Basic camera support needs 1., full support needs a good dcp profile 4.

(Ed) #4

Also look here for information about additional camera DCP profiles you can use with RawTherapee.