Suppress lua consoles that pop up at launch?

3.9.0+1747 dev build on Windows 11

Forgive my inexperience with this sub-topic, but after installing lua scripts I now get a number of consoles (presumably one per script) that open and immediately close when I launch darktable.

  • Is this due to Bill Ferguson’s snapshots being debug? Or are they not?
  • Is there a way to suppress the consoles?

It’s certainly not the end of the world by any means, but not having them open / close would be nicer if possible.


Let’s ping @wpferguson perhaps he knows more.

When a script makes a system call, a command window is opened to run the command, since cmd.exe can’t run unless it’s in a window. I researched this several years ago looking for a solution and at that time no one knew of one.

I went looking for those old threads and couldn’t find them, but I did stumble across a possible solution. I’ll try and find some time to code it up and test it.

If they could be hidden, it would be visually cleaner, more tidy. But as I mentioned it’s hardly a show-stopper. Thanks for your efforts.