switching between zoom to fit and zoom to 100%


In darkroom, How do you switch between Zoom to fit and Zoom to 100%? I think the best method I use now is to middle click on the image. Any other way to do it with the mouse?
This cycles between Zoom to fit, 100% and 200%… But sometimes it doesn’t work well. I think it is when you click and it is in the middle of processing (working…)
Put some heavy processing like noise reduction and try middle clicking on the image fast.

(Paul Miller) #2

The keyboard shortcuts are:
Alt-1 to switch to 100% view (or 200% if you type it a second time),
Alt-3 for zoom to fit

(MartinSt) #3

Scrollwheel up and down stops at both zoom levels

(Chris E) #4

On a similar subject, now that new zoom levels (up to 1600%) have been added to the darkroom, does anyone know if there is a shortcut to access them or can they only be selected from the drop-down (e.g. ctrl+scrollwheel allows access up to 200%)

(Pascal Obry) #5

In 2.6.1 ctrl+scrollwheel will allow to go up to 1600%.

(Chris E) #6

Excellent many thanks


I was looking for a way to switch 100% and fit, using just the mouse.
My ideal option would be middle click to zoom to 100% then middle click to go back to fit. Use mouse wheel if I need 200% or any other zoom.