Symbolic Regression

Powerful ‘Machine Scientists’ Distill the Laws of Physics From Raw Data

This showed up in the right-hand column of my Google News. A rather disturbing way to consider the modeling of physical phenomenon. Of course, so are neural networks, IMHO.

An obvious (well, to me, anyway) application might be a better auto-matched tone curve…

I was thinking about that article too, I actually like the idea of getting a (probably approximate) formula at the end. At least you can fully understand what’s happening when using it. I have some image processing things where I’d be more than happy to let a machine spit out an equation… sometimes, there just isn’t enough time in one life to learn it all!

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I sometimes throw some things @garagecoder and others’ way. I would say other people are my “scientists” and “engineers”. Ha ha.

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i’ve used turingbot for this in the past. i think this is impressive tech/software (this one actually works i thought, but very expensive). not sure i’d go as far as calling it reverse engineering laws of physics, but it is an immensely useful tool.


They have a free version: