symlink and windows 10/11

I read that to use the orginal file name in Siril registration I need to put Windows in Development Mode in order to use symbolic link, but in my version of Windows 10 there isn’t this option and it is possible to use symbolic lynk through command line.

Do I missing something?

I use Siril with Python using the pysiril wrapper

This is what I use to create symbolic links, it’s even useful outside of command-line things. Saves Space. → Link Shell Extension

Thank you and it seems a great piece of software, but I prefer to avoid this type of software if Windows have a native function because I have to put in a PC that remote control an observatory. Is not possible to use the native Windows symlink?

For me another good solution is it to have the orginal name in the fits header in the comment so I could retrieve it during the calibration/registration of the file


to enable Developper Mode, just toggle the first switch to On.



thank you