t3mujinpack 0.5.0 is out

New year, new version of t3mujinpack .

The Portra NC/UC/VC styles in the previous version had a lot of issues, so all five were redone almost from scratch for this version. Also new: a new uninstaller for Windows. For more details (and some samples) you can check my blog post.

Feel free to use this thread for feedback!


  • Updated all Kodak Portra NC/VC/UC.
  • New uninstaller script for Windows.
  • Smaller tweaks on all Fuji Pro.
  • Smaller tweaks on Kodak Ektachrome and Ektar.
  • Smaller tweaks on Kodak Kodakchrome films.
  • Smaller tweaks on Kodak Portra films.
  • Smaller tweaks on Fuji Provia films.

What happened to “t3mujin - Kodak Ektachrome 100” please ? Am sure this was in an earlier version.

I can see the GX and VX but not the above.

Off to play with the new Portra presets now.

It felt like too similar to the GX, so dropped that one a couple of versions ago.

Hey @t3mujin !

First of all: thanks for your work. I love using the film simulations you made.

One thing I was always wondering about:
Are the presets intended to use with the basecurve enabled (related to the camera-model) or does the color curve replace the base curve entirely?

(Sorry if this has been discussed before, I am still finding my way through the endless possibilities in darktable…)


I wonder if we can make this available as a package for linux

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@darix honestly never thought about it, it’s an interesting idea.
@mjut the building and testing of the base curves doesn’t take in consideration the basecurve, so the simple answer is no. That said, the goal of the presets is to provide a baseline to work, so the idea is to have a more “subtle” output, which means that if you have a smoother basecurve and/or like more punchy effect you can easily get away with having the basecurve enabled.

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Thank you! Makes totally sense. I was using it the same way you suggested. And by (careful/subtle) changes in the base curve it is easy to tweak each image. Big ups!

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Or you could use the filmic module instead, either way it’s nice to keep all options open.