T7i in Rawtherapee 4.2.0 looks washed out

(Scott) #1

I am using Rawtherapee 4.2.0 on Linux Mint. This is the version that is available in the Ubuntu repositories by default, so I have not installed more recent ones for convenience purposes.

I just bought a canon t7i, and when I opened the raw cr2 image files in rawtherapee, the look very very washed out by default, with a significant red tint to them. A quick fiddle with some knobs did not immediately rectify it. I have uploaded an example of this.

Is this problem an issue with my old version of Rawtherapee, or is there some other means to rectify this



Yes, you should always run the latest version for new camera support (and other features).


You can install a newer version of RawTherapee using a the PPA, dhor/myway.
These instructions should work:

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

Why link to an unofficial, unsupported, third-party page when we have official instructions?

These are the instructions you should follow:

(Scott) #5

Because I am using Linux (mentioned in OP) and there is no Linux download on the official page.

In face it says to use my distros package manager, which is exactly what I am doing, and it gives me Rawtherapee 4.2.

(Mica) #6

Which distro are you using @scorr14?