table of psf values after findstar ?

is it possible to obtain all values produced by psf on all the stars found with findstar ?
(something similar to what IRIS produced in a file called “star.lst”)
I find this very useful for calculating (e.g. excel) the uniformity of the star characteristics over the full FOV when doing collimation.
Thank you, and best wishes for the new year !

Yes it is possible in the dynamic PSF window.

Thank you. I found it by drawing a rectangle around a star and then right click and select “pick a star”. Then I have access to finding more stars and exporting to a text file.
But I cannot see an analysis tab in the menus of the GUI where a I could select dynamic psf ?
I use version 0.99.4.
Many thanks, Jan

Go to the hamburger menu, then Image Information then Dynamic PSF

not so obvious to find …
Cheers, Jan

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It is also reachable via the registration tab when using global registration.
This is the case where it is the most needed.