Tagging and selection inconsistency with CMD-T (bug?)

Hi all,

I noticed a strange inconsistency with the tagging shortcut CMD-T (on a Mac running the standard 4.2.1 dt binary). If I select a group of images in lighttable for tagging, but the mouse cursor then happens to have floated away from one of the selected images and onto a non-selected image, when I use the shortcut CMD-T to tag the images, only the image currently under the cursor gets tagged and NOT the selected images. I believe this is an undesirable behavior, as the selected images should get the priority for being tagged in this case (not the image currently under the cursor).

Has anybody seen the same issue?

thanks for any comments

I can replicate this behaviour in DT V4.3 on a Windows computer. I don’t believe it is a bug as hovering the mouse over a new image selects that image. I guess you need to be conscious of this behaviour and make sure you are hover over one of the selected images when you enter the tag.

BTW, I was unaware of this option before your post. It is a nice shortcut for tagging.

Well, it may not be a bug but is not a desirable feature in my opinion. If I select some images for tagging, it is clearly those images that I intend to tag, not the one under the cursor.

A real case scenario: I am tagging some images in lighttable, for instance, tagging a specific person in a series of pictures. I tag some pictures, then I scroll the lighttable to see whether the person is in some other pictures. Now the cursor is not anymore on one of the selected pictures. I happily hit CMD-T to add the tag, thinking that all my selected images will get the tag, and then go on to some other task. I am completely unaware that the tag has been assigned not to the selection, but instead to some random image that should not have gotten the tag.

This actually happened to me several times before realizing the issue, and causing quite a waste of time. Notably, this behavior is not described in the manual, where it says:

There are a number of ways to attach an existing tag to a group of selected images:

  • Press Ctrl+T to open a small text box at the bottom of the central view of the lighttable. Type in the name of a tag and press Enter. The tag will be created if it doesn’t exist, and attached to all the selected images.

Yes, it’s a rather well known deviation from standard UI behaviour of darktable since like forever.

You will learn to work around it but never get used to it…

Wouldn’t it better to change it then? Or is there some disadvantage in doing so?

It is the Act On feature. There is a long thread around it.

thanks, I looked for it but couldn’t find it…

Search “Images to act on” issue on darktable Github repository.

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Thanks for the link. So it seems that the current behavior has been confusing many users for quite some time and it should not be used as a default. Is there any plan in the pipeline to adopt one of the alternatives (e.g. an option in the preferences to turn off the current behavior, or to give selected images priority for actions, etc.)?