Take care in the use of ubuntu 20.04

When trying to compile ART on a new installation of ubuntu 20.04, i get the following message :

error: échec RPC ; curl 56 GnuTLS recv error (-110): The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.
Réception d’objets: 100% (74286/74286), 137.32 Mio | 154.00 Kio/s, fait.

That was already observed by Zerosapte, (@zerosapte, @Morgan_Hardwood) and seems to be linked to the internet connection speed.
What’s strange is that on the same machine and the same internet connection configuration with KDE Neon 18.04 I got a speed of 24Mib/s and a fast compilation without errors.
Apparently testing the connection with Ookla lead to the same value around 550Mbps for the the two ubuntu versions.
Any ideas ?
Thanks for your suggestions

hi @srgmro,
this has nothing to do with art. seems a problem with git, though I don’t know the specifics. a quick search got me this:

though I don’t know if it’s related…

I agree, nothing to do with Art. probably with the server of git. But I observed that with download in general ubuntu 20.04 distributions are less efficient. Download speed half of ubuntu 18.04.

good to know! thankfully I’m still on 16.04 :slight_smile:

Confirmed, the same distribution based on ubuntu 18.04 allows an easy and fast compilation without any error.

Same (that is ‘easy and fast compilation’) on Xubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.

Deepening the network problem, I first checked a Debian testing distribution, all is OK a fast compilation process. Then back to ubuntu 18.04, always on the same laptop (i3 6006, 2GHz), with wired Ethernet connection, very slow download, unable to compile with always the same message. Using wifi connection on the laptop, success, the download of data is at least a hundred more efficient. The driver of the Ethernet network interface is r8169. We can hope that a new version of the kernel solves the problem.