Teach RawTherapee to talk with digiKam

I am using digiKam for my DAM and now have ventured into exploring RawTherapee to process raw images.
However it seems that ratings, tags, color flagging etc. from digiKam is not read by RawTherapee.

Is there a way to save this information in the images/ xmp so that RT will read it?
darktable does the job just fine.


RawTherapee does not use XMP, but recently gained the ability to read ratings from XMP files.

If you’ve upgraded to the latest RT 5.7, this should work.

You need to make sure you checked the “write to sidecar files” box in digiKam though


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after updating I now see the ratings,

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that is checked already, thanks.

Another question arises with jpegs, RT should be able to read IPTC tags written into them, right?
Do I need to check anything else in dK to have the tags written to XMP and into the jpeg itself?

here are my current settings (albeit in German :wink:)


I do not know enough about IPTC unfortunately.

There is Advanced Metadata section in digikam settings though. Theoretically you can write whatever information you want in JPGs’ metadata but I have never played with it myself.

RawTherapee 5.7 uses the dead libiptcdata for IPTC support, and so some modern tags are missing and IPTC tags are not written to all output formats. Hopefully 5.8 will use libexiv2. Doublecheck that the IPTC tags you depend on are written correctly to the output files before you build a workflow around that.

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If you use tagging in digikam extensively, you’ll probably need a step for that in your workflow (if anyone knows a simpler way, I am all ears - and looking forward to exiv2 integration :slight_smile: ): When exporting a file from a raw image, I copy all metadata from the source (xmp sidecar of the raw) to the exported file (if I remember correctly e.g. exiftools -tagsfromfiles *sourcexmp* -all:all>all:all *exportedfile*).

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Careful with blindly copying all tags, some image format combinations will get screwed up.

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Hi All, I rating in digikam 6.4. But I can’t see the rating in RawTherapee 5.7.
Does there any setting I forget?

If I’m not mistaken that line is likely to mess with the orientation of portrait format images. RT rotates the data of the files based on the exif tag and resets it at export. This means the actual data is in portrait format. When you copy tags from the raw file it will set the orientation tag as if the data wasn’t rotated. This leads to mis-oriented files.

Meta data handling with RawTherapee becomes quite complicated unless you have a specific set of tags that never change you want to copy across.

I think RawTherapee writes tags in .pp3 sidecars while digiKam reads/writes .xmp ones. I don’t think they are compatible. There is an option to add 3rd party sidecar extensions in digikam but all it does just “attaches” the specified sidecars to its image file for moving, copying, deleting,etc. file operations.

Hi @Andrius , but I saw you answered Fred on Sep. 17, look like he did it.
He can rating in digikam and read the rating in RawTherapee.
Do I misunderstand?

Maybe did he set up digikam to write the ratings embedded into the raw files, which may not be the safest thing to do (writing a raw files can lead to corrupt that file).


Thanks. Understand, I don’t like write data to raw files,too.

Is there anything new? In the moment I can rate in digikam 7.9 and see it in RT5.8 for the jpg but not for the raw.

My target is to select the best pictures in Dk. Second step is filter them in RT for developing. Or how do you handle it in your workflow Dk + RT.